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Innovative web design services!We have the expertise in the field of providing standard and pioneering website designs. We guarantee that all the sites we have made are accessible to the maximum possible market audience. We, Idol of India work on simple concept how a site designed by us can fulfill you business and marketing goal. All the sites are easily updatable and convey your business objectives by offering creative and extensive solutions on internet web site design. Our team of web site design and maintenance has the experience to meet your online targets and effectively enhanced your presence in search engines through your web site.

We believe in creativity!
Our assumption is that the designing a website is a continuing process of innovation and quality productivity. We research and analyze the needs of our clients and than start to customize the idea. We promise to our clients to provide exclusive creation of product. Living in innovative technological era, it is necessary for us not to go beyond the limits of creativity. We work on according guidelines provided by our clients and inputs what we can offer to meet the market demand for the site. After that, our creative management department chooses the layouts according your necessity of business and presents it to you four your feedback. Based on your brief suggestion on the layouts, our expert designers execute the final layout that will unique and stander and of course eye-catchy.

Flash Website
Idol of India , Innovative Web Design
our professional and creative team has the expertise to meet all your web designing requirements, with creating flash websites to portal design or corporate websites. We know how a website can compete in internet era. We are willing to do it in your favour. It reflects in our work. Only our work says our credibility and proficiency.

In recent decade, Flash has gained the enough popularity in terms of web site technologies. With changing frame from the traditional approach to modern design and web presentation, it offers to developers and customers a complete fair creation supported by infinite technical possibilities. Comprehensive Flash animated logo or site designs strike the audience by exquisite visual effects and, apart from that, do not demand much drive space.

Adding these flash and multimedia features to your site will certainly make it more eye-catchy and quite incomparable. Whether it is a flash intro or Flash multimedia, it helps you with an idea to create more specific your business plans. Idol of India uses the latest available tools in Flash and multimedia design to create impressive and unique so that it enhance your marketing strategy.

We use a variety of technologies for creating flash application and have extensive experience in

  • Macromedia Flash MX and Director..
  • Action Script and XML for data exchange.
  • Swish.
  • Swift 3D and 3D Max for rendering 3d elements and animation.
  • Sound Forge.
  • Adobe Premiere for video optimization.

Idol of India can create alluring Flash representations that can be articulated into your current website. These Flash presentations are exceptionally multifaceted and can be profitable continuously for your product displays or sales presentations. It can also be highly cooperative with a user-friendly to allow your audience to explore about your company profile or product. We have the expertise in creating Flash presentations for companies as promotional pieces or for new products that are being introduced.

Web Development Technologies:

  • Javascript, VB Script, AJAX
  • PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery
  • Wordpress, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, XOOPS, Dotnet Nuke.